Determining your designs influences August 10, 2018 3:43 pm

The design sensibility is grounded in materials and values that endure. I hope that my spaces are at once comfortable and freshly discerning: The culmination of lifelong interests in music, dance, art, design, fashion, architecture, performance, and history. Her passion for music performance and recording began as a classically trained violinist. Throughout the 1980s, she began creating musical environment installations and collaborated with other musicians and performers from other genres, and performed in Europe and NYC at reknown spaces such as CBGB, Max’s, and the Kitchen.

In the 1990s, Nancy relocated to the Redwood Coastline of the Santa Cruz Mountains in California and returned to school to study interior design: Recognizing how good design has the ability to positively impact people, tranform their experiences, and, in business environment, enhance brand awareness and profitability. ​