Foyer Interior Design


The first thing your guests see, your foyer, is your first chance to make an impression. Whether visitors are welcomed into a soaring space crowned by a fabulous chandelier, or a cozy hideaway with warm wooden floors and a blooming bouquet, your home’s entryway sets the tone for every other room in the house.

A transitional space within your home, the foyer is a place to take a deep breath before making a grand entrance! Never to be neglected, your entryway can be a gallery to showcase art or a welcoming spot to showcase that special antique table or bench. Don’t forget a mirror too! Finally, select a statement rug that is durable to complement and coordinate all adjacent spaces.

Finally, if your foyer has a staircase, it does not cost much to make it grand! Take your foyer interior design vision to new heights with an exquisite banister or upgrade your spindles to wind slowly above your heavenly entryway.