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At Oasis Home Designs, we believe your home should be an oasis. Whether your Short Hills area home is your primary residence or a second home, you want to walk in the door and find a comfortable interior that welcomes you and your guests with a personalized design that marries classic design and your personality to create an interior that is always tasteful, but never bland.

Interior Design – Unique Mix Of Art And Science

If you think that interior design is an art you are wrong, but you are also wrong if you think that interior design is a science. Instead, interior design is a unique mix of art and science. The science of interior design informs the designer’s choices in terms of size and design elements; there are certain elements that designers know will work in a space. You want a design that is built for your home; size, shape, and placement are all important element to design. However, a design is also an art. The mix of colors, textures, and styles are the artistic choices that you probably think of when you consider a home that has been professionally decorated, but these artistic elements only work when they are used in conjunction with science.

Interior Design Services in Short Hills NJ For Living Room, Kitchen, & Bedroom

This combination approach to design does not stop with marrying art and science; it also focuses on the combination of designer and client. A designer can create a beautiful showroom, but, without a client’s input, that is all the room will ever be. It is not enough for a room to be beautiful; beautiful, impersonal rooms belong in model homes, not in living spaces. Your home should reflect your personality, which is why Oasis Home Designs takes a client-centered approach to home design so that you are will always be surrounded by the things you love. We extend this approach to any room that we design. Whether you are looking for designs for a living room, kitchen, foyer, basement, bathroom, bedroom, or another type of room, our designers can help you perfect that room.

Finally, many people think of interior design as a luxury service. While our designers love working with clients who have unlimited budgets, we work with clients in a range of budgets and with a range of needs. You do not have to completely redo a room to get a professional design; we can work with your budget and much of your existing furnishings and décor to save you money and make sure we come in at or under budget. To find out more, contact us at Oasis Home Designs today.

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